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Agreement between SPCH and OCM

On 01 September 2010

September 01st, 2010, Société des Produits Chimiques d’Harbonnières (SPCH) and Orrion Chimie Metalchem (OCM) signs a strategic alliance in metal salts.


Both companies have complementary market positions. Their production sites are located in the middle of France for Thénioux (Cher - SPCH) and the south of France for Voulte-sur-Rhône (Ardèche - OCM). The strategic partnership agreement signed between the two companies concerns the development of metal salts dedicated to industrial applications.


Besides, SPCH invest in OCM capital. This contribution consolidates the OCM balance-sheet structure and gives OCM the financial means to continue its industrial and commercial developments.

Documents associated with this news : Communique-de-presse-OCM-SPCH-Septembre-2010.pdf