Company history

1927Creation of SPCH in Harbonnieres

1968Harbonnières : Installation of an electrolysis unit (PERMELEC Technology)

1972Harbonnières : Start up of Potassium Carbonate production

1981Acquisition of Bernardy Chimie (Thenioux plant)

1990Thénioux : Exclusive supplier agreement with EXXON (New Jersey)

1997Thénioux : Exclusive supplier agreement with FORD-CHRYSLER of a nitrate salt for Airbags

1998Harbonnières : Construction of a Waste Water Treatment station 

2000Thénioux : Construction of a Waste Water Treatment station

2001Merger of Bernardy Chimie with SPCH

2004Thénioux : Exclusive supplier agreement with DuPont for a FDA approved Copper salt.

2005Harbonnières : Start up of  Potassium Hydrogenocarbonate production

2007Thénioux : Investment in a « Pharma” compliant production unit

2009Thénioux : AFSSAPS approved production of pharmaceuticals intermediates under cGMP.  Regularly audited by major Pharma companies.

2010Harbonnières : SPCH acquires shares of Exeltium Consortium for the long term supply of electricity

2011Disposal of BERNARDY SAS to ISALTIS. SPCH becomes ISALTIS shareholde.

2015SPCH obtained the ISO 9001 certification for manufacturing of potassium bicarbonate and custom packaging of bleach and softeners.

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  • Press release INFO CHIMIE October 3rd 2016

    SPCH prepares its future

  • BERNARDY set up

    We would like to inform you that SPCH has decided to group its fine chemicals activities into a new affiliate company named BERNARDY S.A.S. The fine chemicals business of SPCH based on the ...

  • Agreement between SPCH and OCM

    September 01st, 2010, Société des Produits Chimiques d’Harbonnières (SPCH) and Orrion Chimie Metalchem (OCM) signs a strategic alliance in metal salts.   Both ...

  • Appointment :

    As of July 1st, 2010, Jean-Michel ALARCON is appointed Chief Executive Officer of SPCH company. He is becoming as well a member of the Board of Directors. Jean-Michel joined SPCH in September ...

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